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To illustrate the risks of tip-overs, Anchor It! has created several public service announcement (PSA) videos. They can be viewed in English and Spanish.

The most recent PSA, “Even When You’re Watching”, includes real footage of tip-overs caught on tape. It debunks the common myth that watching children is a substitute for anchoring TVs and furniture. While the children in this PSA were okay, many others are not as fortunate.

Parents of children who died from a furniture or TV tip-over speak in another series of videos, urging others to act. They share just how real and dangerous falling TVs and furniture like dressers, bookcases, and nightstands can be to children.


The campaign has a library of photos related to installing anti-tip kits and awareness of tip-overs. Feel free to download images from our recently updated library and share them with your community.

Images you’ll find:

  • children climbing on furniture to reach a toy or just to climb
  • parents or caregivers in the room who are distracted
  • the steps to anchor furniture and TVs

Anchor It! data shows furniture and TV tip-overs can happen no matter the cost, quality, or intended purpose of the items, and regardless of whether they’re designed for children or adults. Our images therefore include a variety of furniture and multiple types of televisions.


Each year, CPSC publishes a report containing new data on injuries and fatalities associated with television, furniture, and appliance product instability or tip-over incidents. The most recent data can be found in the 2020 report.

Ordering Materials

Man screwing brackets into back of TV stand with straps connected to TV

OrderIng prInted copIes

CPSC provides free safety alerts, resources, posters, brochures, handbooks, and other materials you can use to spread consumer product safety information in your community. To order printed copies of CPSC’s Safety Guides, visit our Government Publishing Office page. There, you’ll find Anchor It! tip cards and posters in English and Spanish. Quantities are limited.

CRT TV attached to wall with two brackets and straps

prInt your own

CPSC Safety Alerts and Neighborhood Safety Network posters are not available to order at this time. However, if you’d like to use these safety publications, they are free to download and print here.